Most popular things to do in Vancouver – January edition

With 2017 officially behind us, it’s time to usher in 2018 with celebration, memories and most likely, umbrellas. And while Vancouver doesn’t have the best Spring forecast, that doesn’t mean you have to be indoors or strategically moving between puddles this season.

Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or looking to try something new in the city, Vancouver boasts all kinds of activities for every occasion.

The following list includes the oldies but we’re big fans of trying something new, and who knows, you might have a little fun!

1. 2018 Polar Bear Swim - Ongoing 2018

The latest swim

The latest swim

Since the first plunge in 1920, the Polar Bear Swim continues to be a popular and chilling way to meet locals for a good cause this January. Costumes are optional, as are participants if you were just curious what your typical polar bear lover enjoys doing in January.

Plunging into English Bay requires you bring nothing but your favourite swimwear. Prizes are available for a wide variety contests plus swag can be bought for a good cause.

Click here for more scintillating info.

2. Hot Chocolate Festival January 28 - February


If jumping into English Bay during the coldest time of the year isn’t your thing, don’t worry. This January the annual Hot Chocolate Festival returns to Vancouver.

The Hot Chocolate Festival combines local and foreign chocolatiers, bakery chefs, pastry shops, gelato masters, and ice cream enthusiasts for an international experience unlike you've ever tasted.

Nothing kills the cold like a warm hug in a mug

3. Vancouver’s Escape Rooms


What is an Escape Room?

A real life adventure game that incorporates puzzles, clues and other environmental elements within a time limit. Teams must solve the mysteries and escape before time’s up!

It’s classic team-building at it’s finest. Each Escape Room around Vancouver hosts different atmospheres, puzzles, combinations and clues to keep you guessing.

Better teams are composed of positive individuals, coordinated leaders and logical thinkers who enjoy a challenge in a unique setting.

Tip: Clear headedness plays a critical factor as time winds down and you try and escape.

A comprehensive list can be found here

4. Comedy Night 


From Tuesday to Saturday you can get great seats at the Comedy Club. The club hosts Canada’s best up and coming performers and comedians so you’re sure to get a laugh.

Some of the January acts include:

  • Darcy Michael
  • Big Jay Oakerson 
  • Matt Braunger

Best nights are earlier in the week where tickets cost around 8-10 bucks. Booking is also incredibly easy from the website.

5. See Canyon Lights - Until January 28


Just 20 minutes from the downtown core is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The popular destination is an adventure-magnet during summer months for it’s sublime natural backdrop.

But that’s not all

Imagine suspended atop 230 feet while crossing a swaying bridge. Now magnify that with possible winds and dazzling lights and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

After your harrowing bridge journey, you will find yourself amongst Vancouver’s treetop walks. Though it’s Vancouver’s darkest month of the year, the decorated Douglas Firs will have you captivated as you traverse through BC wilderness.

Why not top it all off by visiting the Ox Lounge this spring?

Located on Howe street for those refreshments after the Polar Bear Swim or maybe an adventure recap after the suspension bridge. Ox Lounge is the place to be this year and hosts live music, fresh food and iconic drinks.

This January, Vancouver is abundant with things to check out. You’re sure to make some memories with locals from around BC. Last year alone, saw 2500 registered swimmer attending the Polar Bear Swim.

Anything we missed? What are you doing in January?